Member’s update – December 2011

Member’s update – December 2011

Welcome to the sixth update for 2011.

This update provides a brief impression of the Association’s promotional programme for the year. It has been a year of getting things done on the promotional front, this has included: the association name change, new branding, revised website, updated pamphlets, and international promotion campaign. The Association has taken every opportunity we can to promote what is a very unique product under a quality trademark. The Executive wishes to thank FERA in the UK, AsureQuality NZ, Hills Laboratories, NZLabs and Global Proficiency NZ in providing the independent testing and assurance behind an internationally recognised trademark. The Association is working with leading overseas laboratories to ensure protection of the UMF quality trademark within the territories in which this product is primarily sold, gaining respect, recognition and relevancy within those markets. The aim is to protect the consumer and the UMF trademark with this market verification from other honey claiming to be the same as Manuka honey and/or the adulteration of honey being sold in that territory. The Executive is looking forward to continuing its programme in 2012.

Best wishes this Holiday Season
The UMFHA Executive

UK Promotion Press Packs including:

  • Posters (Two Sizes)
  • Pamphlets
  • Tent Cards
  • Stickers

200 packs sent to all the major distributors in the UK


Provided to Licence holders in English and formal Mandarin

Singapore Presentation UMF Honey Association & AsureQuality Ltd to the Singapore Market

UK Presentation
UMF Honey Association and FERA joint presentation to leading industry journalists in the UK

Malaysian Presentations
Major industry tradeshow and three distributor meetings in Malaysia

New Zealand Presentations

  • Oritain GoTrace Symposium
  • Auckland Rotary group
  • NZJBA conference

  • The Number of visitors to the web site has doubled in five months
  • The Territories visiting the site has doubled
  • Every three days two people or organisations have enrolled for the updates from the site

Press Releases

Ten press releases issued on topics relating to:

  • change of Association name,
  • Singapore presentation,
  • programme on detection of adulteration,
  • and UK promotion, Example to follow

Live TV coverage on TV1 AMP business review: