Member’s update – September 2012

Member’s update – September 2012

This update will focus on two topics,

  • The work done by the Association in China, and
  • The actual levels of Non Peroxide Activity of honey naturally produced from the nectar of the Manuka bush

China recognises and supports New Zealand’s UMF® Quality Mark

Two key agreements relating to imports and testing of Manuka honey and its unique properties have just signed with the Jiangsu Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People’s Republic of China (or JSCIQ). These agreements will protect Chinese consumers and New Zealand exporters and will create further opportunities to expand business ties between both counties.

These agreements reinforce and underpin existing and emerging business-to-business relationships between New Zealand and Chinese companies. This formalised relationship creates a win/win scenario for both countries.

The Chinese market is becoming very relevant to the New Zealand economy particularly for Manuka honey exports.

The signing of these agreements reflects growing international recognition and respect for the UMFHA’s ongoing work to strengthen and protect the integrity of the industry as demonstrated by:

  • the International Laboratory Programme that ensures all laboratories are testing to the same core standard
  • independent auditors
  • registration of the UMF quality mark in a range of countries
  • work on testing for adulteration of honey
  • our independent Commissioner

During the Associations time in the historical city of Nanjing there was the opportunity to visit a number of their amazing landmarks

Signing of the agreement between the Association and the CIQ

The signing of these agreements extends UMFHA’s network which now includes links with:

  • the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).   FERA carries statutory responsibility for delivering policy and inspectorate functions in relation to Plant Health, Bee Health and Plant Varieties and Seeds. It also supports policy development across Government, working closely with the lead authorities and agencies in those policy areas
  • AsureQuality in Singapore providing a key verification service
  • Two key New Zealand Labs – Hills and euroFins
  • Hills are also supplying service in Japan
  • Negotiations are underway with a euroFins lab in USA

Protecting this Quality mark and its Values in a World market and providing opportunities for its Licence holders

Actual levels of Non Peroxide Activity of honey

The actual levels of Non Peroxide Activity of honey naturally produced from the nectar of the manuka bush. This type of honey has become what could be said as the most unique and valuable honey in the word. To the best of our knowledge, only some Manuka honey contains this unique activity, and at varying levels. The data for this came from over 6000 test results over a one year period (2011) performed in two IANZ accredited labs.

As the Manuka Bush blossoms and the bees are ready to harvest during this very short period of time the weather plays a critical role. Rain, strong winds, cold temperatures have a major influence on the bee’s ability to collect the nectar. Each season we look to the skies and wonder what the weather conditions will be during that critical harvest time