UMF Science

UMF Science

The UMF Honey Association has a world-leading science programme that is focussed on identifying the unique signature compounds of genuine Mānuka Honey, as a way of safeguarding consumers and the industry.

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Decades of research have culminated to identify the unique signature compounds found in genuine Mānuka Honey.

With its unique properties, Mānuka honey (Leptospermum scoparium) has become one of the most researched honeys in the world.

There is also a large body of international research which collectively provides consumers and fellow researchers with a wealth of information about this product.

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  • Dr Terry Braggins, Analytica Ruakura, New Zealand
  • Dr Peter Brooks, Sunshine Coast University, Australia
  • Professor Yoji Kato, Hyogo University, Japan
  • Professor Rose Cooper, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Dr Russell Frew, Otago University, New Zealand
  • Professor Liz Harry, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Dr Kerry Loomes, Auckland University, New Zealand
  • Daniel Melonchelli, Sunshine Coast University, Australia
  • Professor Peter Molan, Waikato University, New Zealand
  • Professor Karl Speer, Dresden University, Germany
  • Dr Jonathan Stephens, Auckland University, New Zealand
  • Emeritus Professor Alistair Wilkins, Waikato University, New Zealand
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